Trivia – Dahl-Roeder Memorial Garden

Dahl-Roeder Memorial Garden, Wilson Park, Menomonie, WI taken July 2014

The NWHS planted and continues to maintain the Dahl-Roeder Memorial Garden located in Wilson Park, Menomonie. The park was established in honor of Janice Dahl and Darrel Roeder. Janice was a NWHS founder member and our first editor-in-chief of the Northern Star newsletter. Darrel was a past NWHS president and also served on the board of directors. Each spring members meet at the garden for our annual cleanup and maintenance event. Individual members perform general care throughout the growing season, with a special thank you going to Jan Harvey who is especially active in keeping the garden attractive.

Planting the Dahl-Roeder Memorial Garden, Wilson Park, Menomonie, WI

Darrel’s wife Ann, dad Don, and granddaughter Kaya were all there working when the garden was first planted. Besides planting hostas that Darrel loved, he also had a passion for dwarf conifers, peonies, clematis and martagon lilies – all of which are part of this memorial garden.